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Sorry everyone, the tips have been far fewer than weekly. My current guiding schedule is a bit mad and I just haven't have't priortized this group. Just as an FYI, after July my schedule becomes much more spaced and relaxed so after that I will regain some post consistency! Until then...

Here's a tip!

Ever find yourself not knowing where your focal dot is? Maybe you bumped it while traveling or forgot you moved it way off to the side for a shoot ... well, a quick fix you may not have known about is by pressing down on the center of your thumb joystick in the back of the camera, you automatically reset your focus point to the middle! Nice and easy and no menu settings to make that happen so it's always there if you need to quickly relocated your point!

*Here's a photo of an Eyelash Pit Viper from my ongoing Costa Rica Photo Tour. I moved my focus point to the head and when I was done shooting, re-centered it by using the method described above, EASY!!

Enjoy your weekend :D




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