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"Where in the World" is Ben??

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Currently enjoying some Costa Rica sunshine ☀️ - heading off to our last destination on the pacific side of the mountains, La Ensenada.

Here's a little friend (tiny frog on my thumb) I made on the grounds of Villa Lapas in Tarcoles.




I wanted to post more about my travels through Japan but the WIFI situation has been tricky! Most of the time it hasn't been fast enough or frankly I was just too tired to post - haha

We are on our last stretch here as we wait in the Ferry Terminal to head over to Miyakejima for a day of birding. The ferry is an over-nighter so this will actually be my very first time sleeping on a boat ... let's see how it goes!

Anyway, here are a few random photos of shrines, cool scenes, and one bird ... just to wet the appetite for more images to come soon!


Hello from Okinawa, Japan!

On this tiny little island we have been exposed to all sorts of great things. The birding has been tough with some tricky weather...especially the wind but we did manage to see the Okinawa Woodpecker today which Charley Hesse (another TB guide) reckons there are only about 200 or so pretty cool! The photography thus far has been...well...non-existent in my mind but I am promised much better opportunities further north so for now...lots of food pics and just fun general pics!

One of the main targets on this portion is indeed the Okinawa Rail which we are still on the hunt for but knowing Charley, he isn't going to give up that easy. One of the days we stopped in a cool spot for lunch and there was this "weight-lifting" Okinawa Rail statue that I just had to take a photo with. If you know…


Hey everyone! Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season :D

My dad and I chose to wind down the year by visiting "mini Bosque del Apache" here in SE Arizona called Whitewater Draw. We spent the better part of a morning photographing some Sandhill Cranes against the semi-mountainous landscape of this area. Very fun indeed!

It was a nice and chilly morning and I am still waiting for my TB Hoodie to arrive. My TB hat didn't quite keep my head warm but gosh I like it...haha



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