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"Where in the World" is Ben??

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Not sure where to ask this, but perhaps you can direct it/me appropriately. I am on the Costa Rica Photo tour this coming February and have been looking at the newly posted revised itinerary and trying track it out on my maps of CR.

Question 1: Is the "little hole in the wall" mentioned for Day 2 the Soda y Mirador Cinchona restaurant on the road between San Jose and Selva Verde?

Question 2: Day 12 appears to have us driving up from the coastal area to the Talari Mountain Lodge and then backtracking on Day 13 to the Paraiso Quetzal Lodge. Do I understand that correctly?

Howdy y'all!

I wanted to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving! I am thankfully home with my parents and will be enjoying a festive dinner...I hope everyone eats waaaay to much and has a wonderful evening! I will be home working on the website, studying for future trips and enjoying Arizona for the next 7-weeks! Next stop...Japan!

Here is a 'turkey-ish' (real stretch) like object from Malaysia...haha - the Malaysian Partridge!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say hi from Australia! I finished up my first tour with some "Birders with Cameras" and now I am up in the Northern Territory about to start our set-departure birding tour.

If you ever were to join us on this awesome trip, you'd get to experience these fun lovable parrots in O'Reilly's. They are not captive but they are fed and seriously habituated. I think I'll take him home...

Also if you are interested, TB now has a fairly extensive product list...just check it out by visiting the store! I personally love this bi-colored beanie...super comfy and keeps my head warm on those chilly mornings with the birds :D

Hello from Borneo!

Currently I am guiding a trip in Malaysia (Borneo). We are about half way through as we just finished our time in Sukau. Sukua Rainforest Lodge has been rated by Nat Geo as one of the unique lodges of the world and with no access by car it is certainly a fun tourist destination. Morning, afternoon and night-time boat rides allow you to see a plethora of birds and a few mammals and reptiles. My personal favorite was the resident Buff Fish Owl which would hunt by the restaurant every evening. I even had the pleasure of watching him hunt a fish!

Buff Fish Owl

This is about a week old but doesn't this photo make you want to try out Alaska? You could be the tallest thing around for miles out in the Tundra :) - Currently I am on a road trip photographing different habitats for Iain and Phil's new Habitats of the World Book.

Today I am in Wisconsin after traveling through Sax Zim Bog to capture "Boreal Bog and Fen"....more details on Nearctic Habitats coming soon with the release of that book. Are ya'll also in the Habitats of the World group moderated by Iain?

Happy Fourth of July everyone!


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