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Jamaica is one of the easiest Caribbean islands for birding. Even in a short visit it is possible to see all of the 28 endemic bird species, and without the need to travel around too much either. Among the delectable specialties to be found there are Jamaican Lizard-Cuckoo, Jamaican Tody, and the spectacular Red-billed Streamertail. Jamaican is home to endemic hummingbirds, parrots, pigeons, cuckoos, vireos, tanagers and flycatchers, plus a woodpecker, a becard, an owl, and the aforementioned tody, an endemic Caribbean bird family.


Tropical Birding offers two tours to the island, one seeking all of the endemics on a single 6-day tour, and another much more low-key tour, which is partnered with the Houston Audubon Society, so you can bird for endemic birds, while knowing you are contributing to conservation at the same time.

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Jamaican Tody WEB Sam Woods Jamaica.jpg
Red-billed Streamertail male showing green throat Starlight Chalet Silver Hill Gap Blue Mo
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