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North Carolina: Surf and Turf - Birding Tour 

Tour Overview:

Are you good at keeping secrets? Well, we’re not! That’s why we’d like to invite you to join us in North Carolina in May! The destination has remained under-the-radar compared to higher-profile destinations like Arizona, Texas, and Florida, but the region offers some of the country’s most exciting birding, particularly on the pelagic front. The continental shelf cuts very close to shore at Cape Hatteras, and the warm Gulf Stream waters host an abundance of shearwaters, skuas, jaegers, storm-petrels, petrels, and marine mammals at this time of year. Our back-to-back pelagic trips will be unforgettable — don’t worry, it’s rarely rough! — and we’ll have plenty of time to explore white-sand beaches and coastal marshes as we commute along the postcard-beautiful Outer Banks. Still on the fence? You won’t be after we include pinewoods and freshwater swamps, unique habitats which will offer opportunities for southeastern specialties like Bachman’s Sparrow, Red-cockaded Woodpecker, Brown-headed Nuthatch, and Swainson’s and Prothonotary Warblers! With a perfect balance of land and sea, this ‘Surf and Turf’ tour will appeal to anyone who’s looking to explore off the beaten birding path. Throw in a wonderful climate and amazing seafood, and it should be smiles all around! Just don’t tell too many people - unless you want to bring them with you!