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Bolivia: Off the Beaten Track - Birding Tour

Tour Overview:

Among birders, South America reigns supreme. Nowhere else has the moniker “The Bird Continent” after all! But most of those same birders tend to devote their efforts to the same countries – Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Colombia – and not realize that the continent has a lot to offer off the beaten track. Bolivia is just such a place. While its list may not be quite as sky-high as the countries to the north, it does have the most birds of any landlocked country in the world. And when adding that to good number of endemic and spectacular species, some of the best Andean scenery available, a vibrant local culture, and beautiful habitats, you have to wonder why more people aren’t flocking here! This trip will cover the best of Bolivia, from the sprawling lowlands of the Beni to the highest elevations of the Andes to the famous Yungas forests of Coroico and Chapare, targeting almost all of the available endemics on tap in the country, and some of the rarest birds on the continent. All that combined, Bolivia offers an unforgettable experience!