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Brazil is a huge South American country, which perhaps then unsurprisingly, lays claim to one of the largest bird lists of any country in the world. Only Colombia and Peru can beat Brazil in terms of overall bird diversity. It is impossible to do this mega birding country justice in a single tour, and therefore we offer several tours in order to capitalize on some of the most fascinating areas of the country. Brazil hosts extraordinarily different areas, from the vast Amazon Basin to the largest natural wetland area on Earth, the Pantanal, to the unique Atlantic Forests, which are home to some of the most threatened animals on the planet. The Pantanal and Amazon Birding tour is also good for mammals too, most notably Jaguars. On top of that you have a myriad other habitats including wet montane forest, salt lagoons, and coastal scrub, to name but a few, and our tours are designed to give you a good insight into the rich variety of Brazilian birding sites.


We offer all categories of tour here (Birding, Birding with a Camera® and Photo Tours), and can organize a wide range of bird and mammals focused custom tours there.