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Brazil: Atlantic Rainforest Highlights - Birding Tour

Tour Overview:

The Atlantic Forest region of Southeast Brazil is jam packed full of amazingly colorful and confiding endemic birds species. This short tour can be either an easy add-on to our Pantanal-Amazon trip, or a superb week-long getaway for people who can only travel for short periods of time. The tour concentrates on two distinct regions: the picturesque lowland rainforests around Ubatuba, which arguable has the easiest and finest lowland birding in all of Southeast Brazil along with some of the best hummer feeders known to man. We’ll then move into the mountains where a totally different set of birds await. We’ll stay in a hotel within Itatiaia National Park with feeders and great birding on the grounds, and use it as a base to explore both the lower and upper elevations of this vast park. Visits to several wetlands and savanna areas will add to an impressive list of birds possible on this short tour.