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Ecuador: Enigmatic Wildlife Tour (EWT)

Tour Overview:

The tiny nation of Ecuador in South America is a well-known hotspot for biodiversity, being located in the richest part of the world – the tropics of northern South America. Birds abound there, and there are some tasty mammals too. The windswept paramo grasslands of the high Andes are home to Spectacled Bears and Mountain Tapirs, while the Amazon jungle hosts a series of primates, like Golden-mantled Tamarin, Monk Saki and Pygmy Marmoset, as well as Pink River Dolphin, prehistoric Hoatzins, and busy parrot licks. We will also search for the Olinguito, an Andean mammal only described to science in 2013! The combination of incredible tropical birds, a heathy accompaniment of mammals, and other creatures like colorful poison dart frogs will leave you in no doubt you have visited one of the most treasured parts of the World for natural history. This will all be done while staying in very good accommodation throughout.