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Southern Ecuador: Birding with a Camera® (BwC)

Tour Overview:

Southern Ecuador arguably offers some of the most exciting birding in all of Ecuador, one of the World’s Megadiverse countries, with a country, list of more than 1600 species! The argument for this is that the south offers the highest diversity of habitats compared with other parts of Ecuador. This tour will cover the semi-arid, endemic- rich Tumbesian region, where more than 60 birds are only shared with parts of northern Peru, and includes incredibly attractive species like White-tailed Jay and Ecuadorian Trogon; as well as the wetter forested foothills of the Andes on the western side of the Andes, where specialties like the spectacular Long-wattled Umbrellabird and extremely localized El Oro Parakeet occur, in addition to both high altitude forests and foothill forests on the eastern side of the mountains too, which will offer up yet more regional endemics like Jocotoco Antpitta, Amethyst-throated Sunangel, and Gray Tinamou respectively, among many others. This tour has been designed to go after some of Ecuador’s most wanted birds, but also specifically cover the sites in the region like, Jorupe, Copalinga and El Cajas, which often offer up something for your camera lenses as well as your lifelists. While people often think of northern Ecuador as a first in country destination, perhaps as it this is where the capital Quito is located, it should be mentioned that Guayaquil (where this tour starts and ends), is also connected with regular direct flights in and out of the United States, as this is Ecuador’s business capital.