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Spain: The North - Birding Tour

Tour Overview:

It is no secret that some of the very best European birding is offered in Spain; many know of the bird-rich southern areas of Extramadura and Andalucia, which are covered on our Southern Spain Tour. What is less well known is that the northeast of Spain also offers fantastic birding all of its own, and of a very different nature to that tour. This tour runs immediately after our Spain Introtour, for those who want a longer and more complete Spanish trip, or feel they simply cannot leave the country without Wallcreeper! This short, weeklong tour explores the best of the “other side” of Spain. Starting in the beautiful city of Barcelona, we wind our way slowly up into the high Pyrenees where we’ll especially go after Wallcreeper, Citril Finch, White-winged Snowfinch, White-backed Woodpecker, the hulking Black Woodpecker, and bone-crushing Lammergeier. We’ll then descend to the famous steppe of Belchite near Zaragoza to search for a very special target, the rare Dupont’s Lark, as well as many other species of this markedly different habitat, before making the short hop east to the often overlooked Ebro Delta, to see a plethora of wetland and coastal birds. This tour offers chances to see all three of the Mediterranean-endemic shearwaters: Yelkouan, Scopoli’s, and critically endangered Balearic.