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This weeks Olympus Tip:

Since I am traveling in Asia right now, let's talk dark situation's quite common here! Keep in mind (depending on body and lens combination) that your kit has somewhere around 5 to potentially 7.5 stops of I.S...which means you can handhold incredibly slow images. But stabilization alone won't solve all of your problems. Try these👇🏼

Tips for shooting dark situations:

- Expose it right in the camera, even if that means pushing the ISO

- It may sound silly, but watch your breathing...take a nice breathe in, let it out, then in that momentary pause before you inhale, press the shutter, that is your most "shake-free" state.

- Shoot a lot. It's digital, you only need one but if you have to take 50 to get one tack sharp, so be it!

- Keep that aperture WIDE OPEN (lowest number)

- Brace the camera against your face, non-shooting hand as far down the lens as possible and squeeze it all together.

Good luck!

I haven't downloaded any Malaysia images yet so here's a bird (African Paradise Flycatcher) I photographed in a dark situation in Tanzania. Photographed at 1/50sec and it is one of the two that turned out sharp out of the maybe 100+ I took of this is all you need 😎



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