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This weeks Olympus Tip:

Want to get faster at photographing birds in flight? There is a very easy step you can take to be several seconds faster and with birds in flight, every millisecond counts!


1) Grab your camera, and set your preferred flight shot settings

I recommend (as place-holder settings):

- All point focus with bird tracking

- Highest frame rate shooting mode

- Set your aperture as wide as possible (lowest number)

- Shutter speed around 1/3200sec

- ISO around 1600

- Turn the I.S. Off (Camera 1 menu, section 8)

2) Once that is all set up, go into Camera 1 menu, section 1 "Custom Mode"

3) Set your current settings to one of the Custom Modes (it is up to you which)

4) Go back to the menu, go into the "wheel"/"cog" and select "button operations"

5) Set one of the buttons to recall that specific mode

6) Be sure to reset all of the settings on your camera to your normal walk around settings. Essentially, undo the list above.

7) Once that is done, test it by activating your hot button. Make sure your flight settings have been loaded in. Then activate that hot button again and your settings should revert back to your walk around settings.

That's it! It allows you to be shooting as normal and then if you see some action or a bird in flight, rather than fiddling around with your settings you simply tap a button and you're ready.

Give it a try! Good luck!



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