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This week's Olympus Tip:

Did you know you can do slow-mo video as well as "normal" video with your OM-1? Slow-mo can be a very useful tool to show off some incredible action or convey a sense of connection with something as simple as a turn of the head.

To access this options:

1) Enter the Menu

2) Enter the Video Icon Menu (4th)

3) Enter Sub-menu (1: Basic Settings/Image Quality)

4) Go to the second option and select okay

Here you are given several choices for Frames Per Second (FPS) and quality. I recommend using C4K (Cinematic 4K) at 60p L-8 for your normal videos and then using FHD 240/60- L-8 for your slow motion shoots. Keep in mind, in slow-mo mode, you only have access to single focus, there is no sound and your minimum shutter speed is 1/250sec. In "normal" video mode, you can use continuous focus, tracking, etc. and your minimum shutter speed will be 1/60sec.

Video is something I have been playing with for a while but in all honesty, isn't my strong suit or something I am very interested in. Below are two videos, the first is "slow-mo" and the second is "normal".

Give it a try and if you do, I'd love to see it. Post it in this chat!



Maroon Langur Leap at 240fps (Slow-Mo)

Black-crowned Pitta at 60fps (Normal, with sound)



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