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DPreview has updated their sensor comparison chart (in an article describing the downside of Sony's new global shutter). But you can put any camera you want and compare them. I find this a good comparison of full frame to the micro 4/3d's sensors. It is well-known that noise, resolution and dynamic range are affected by sensor size. This comparison tool lets you know "how much" they are affected. (I find the answer to be "not much"). What do you think?

Unknown member
Jan 04

A very cool tool indeed. Honestly, those tools are great but what it comes down to in the end is the actual image the camera is producing. I remember that being a big thing for me personally when the OM-1 came out. They said "oh the sensor is (this much) better than the 1X, look at our data and this chart..." its like okay great, but when I look at MY ACTUAL RESULTS, yes, there is a small difference but not the crazy difference that you seem to be implying...ya know?



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