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This weeks Olympus Tip:

While this is still a lot of fun (to get down and dirty) it isn't necessary to get that "low angle" we're looking for when photographing shorebirds, waterfowl, least, not with your OM or Olympus bodies. So this week's tip is to remember to take advantage of that incredibly flexible LCD in the back!

I unfortunately don't have a great photo of me using this technique but essentially the idea is to flip the screen out and then tilt it up (so you can look down on it). An extra helpful tip is to turn your lens foot to the top so you can hold it with your left hand. Here's an image (don't mind me...I just found a small hole in my waders while in an arctic tundra pool) where you can kind of see the camera as I was using it to photograph a Steller's Eider.

Note the flipped LCD screen and the foot that my left hand is holding. If you're worried about dropping your kit, you can wrap the neck strap around your wrist. This shooting position is inherently a little less stable so be sure to keep that shutter speed a bit higher! Here's the image of the Steller's Eider (Alaska Photo Tour) from this shoot!

Try this technique to get some clean images my friends!



Miembro desconocido
18 dic 2023

I was flat on the ground to get this Spruce Grouse in Kluane National Park - the westernmost National Park in Canada (way up in the Yukon)

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