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Hi everyone -

Sorry it has been awhile. I am currently on tour in Australia and the time difference plus the 16hr tiresome "work" days make sharing hard but I have a few days break before I start my next tour so I thought I'd throw up another tip. So without further delay...

This weeks Olympus Tip:

This week is a pretty specific and simple tip to those who use the 150-400mm f4.5. A cheeky little trick if you are having problems aiming at a bird in flight (or even finding it in the frame wherever it may be) is to turn the hood tightener screw to the top. Tighten it up and use it as a "cross-sight" like you would on a gun only instead of killing the bird, you'll nail some BIF shots...

The problem with zooming out to find the bird is that takes time...time you do not have with bird photography. Birds are fast so you need to be equally as fast or faster to capture the images you want. It is far better to be at the desired focal length and get better at aiming than to continuously zoom out, find your subject and then zoom in to take its picture. Practice...practice...practice!

Enjoy -

Here is a bird in flight I captured recently to get you motivated to give it a try. This little fellow is a Welcome Swallow from Australia :D



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