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"Where in the World" is Ben??

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Hello from Borneo!

Currently I am guiding a trip in Malaysia (Borneo). We are about half way through as we just finished our time in Sukau. Sukua Rainforest Lodge has been rated by Nat Geo as one of the unique lodges of the world and with no access by car it is certainly a fun tourist destination. Morning, afternoon and night-time boat rides allow you to see a plethora of birds and a few mammals and reptiles. My personal favorite was the resident Buff Fish Owl which would hunt by the restaurant every evening. I even had the pleasure of watching him hunt a fish!

Buff Fish Owl

Proboscis Monkey (young)

The lodge, staff, and boat guides are all excellent and last nights evening cruises during the setting sun was a great finale to this part of the trip. Onward to Borneo Rainforest Lodge. ✌🏻

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Sep 01, 2023

Looks like another great destination!



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