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Birders often ask “If I take one trip in Europe where should that be?” The answer is simple: Spain. This Iberian country is steeped in fascinating history, with ancient Roman, Gothic and Islamic pre-hispanic cultures and a unified Spain dating back to the early 1500s. And so, it is no secret that some of the very best European birding is offered in Spain; many know of the bird-rich southern areas of Extramadura and Andalucia, which are covered in another of our tours. What is less well known is that the northeast of Spain also offers fantastic birding all of its own, and of a very different nature to that tour.


Being one of the richest countries in terms of biodiversity in Western Europe, we offer two Birding tours in Spain, which can be taken together, as well as a Photo Tour, where well set up blinds have created a photo revolution in Europe for the amazing photos achieved. Finally, for those who want to see one of the World's rarest cats, Iberian Lynx, we offer an Enigmatic Wildlife Tour also.

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